The Electrex Monitoring networks are the ideal solution for energy audits, continuous monitoring (e.g. ISO 50001) and for energy efficiency projects (e.g. EU-Directive 2012-27 and White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates).

The Electrex systems are modular and can expand over time thanks to the many possibilities of connecting the devices (Wi-Fi, RS485, E-Wi, ExpBus, Ethernet, NFC), and of display and management of the data collected.

With a single system, you can keep track of all energy carriers (electricity, gas, water, etc.), of environmental parameters related to them (temperature, humidity, luminosity, CO2, etc.), of process parameters (compressed air , calories, level, status, etc.) and automate the management of ON/OFF switches, automatic adjustments, remote management, alarms and more to achieve the main objective: to reduce energy costs by optimizing production.

Industrial Sector Reti monitoraggio energia - industria

Residential Sector

Reti monitoraggio energia - residenziale

Tertiary Sector

Rete monitoraggio energia - terziario

Photovoltaic System Monitoring Solution

Electrex Energy Automation Solution
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Electrex Energy Automation Solution
Reti monitoraggio energia - industria

Electrex Energy Automation Solution