Effective energy management is a crucial issue for the success of any business. One of the most updated normatives used among organizations is the EN 16001.

It is an European standard that is based on an established methodology, known as PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

The EN 16001 Energy Management guide is suitable for any organization – whatever your size, sector or geographical location.

EN 16001 calls for the development of an energy policy, starting from the identification of energy consumption in the past, present and future until a monitoring plan . From this comparison and analysis of consumption, you can get useful information to implement plans for improving energy efficiency , thereby reducing energy costs.

The Electrex solutions are aligned to the requirements of EN 16001 and therefore can be used for implementing it . Indeed our networks are used in the energy efficiency and energy automation applications, for the industrial, tertiary, residential and renewable resources.

With the Electrex products you can manage, using a single system, the monitoring and control of all the energy sources (electrical energy, gas, water, etc.), the environmental parameters related to consumption/production (temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc.) , the process parameters compressed air, level, state, etc.) . In this way you can achieve your main goal: save on energy costs.

All the Electrex systems are modular and can be expanded when needed also due to the multiple possibilities of connection, displaying and data management of the instruments.