EUSEW17 - ENERGY AUTOMATION. Technology at the service of efficiency. Your new business driver!

What are Energy Days?

Hosted by local public and private organizations, Energy Days are activities and events that raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewables.

The Energy Days aim engage citizens and energy stakeholders in helping to build and strengthen the Energy Union.


Electrex adheres to the Energy Days Initiative with its event:

TURN ON INNOVATION! @euenergyweek #EUSEW17


ENERGY AUTOMATION: Technology at the service of efficiency. Your new business driver!


Electrex will host the event in its headquarters in Reggio Emilia – Italy.

The sustainable energy battle is won outside Brussels

Energy Days convey a powerful message to both decision-makers and the general public

Energy Days show that citizens all over Europe are involved in the energy transformation needed to save our climate and boost green growth

Energy Days gather a community and resources to draw on for the future


The Electrex event is an open house on: Energy efficiency, product/service cost optimisation, operating hours monitoring of energy vectors and systems, predictive maintenance, anomaly control and notifications.

We will showcase and discuss our solutions, case histories and reply to your questions.


Who should attend?

Energy managers, maintenance professionals, facility managers, ESCO, energy consultants, system designers, system integrators, installers, distributors and resellers, and generally all private or public organisations interested in understanding the benefits of an effective management of energy vectors.



Understand the market opportunities and identify the Electrex solution suitable for the customer’s requirements (technical and budget).


Feel free to contact us!Feel free to contact us for more details!


Since 1993 Electrex designs, develops, manufactures and markets, Made in Italy, instruments and software for energy measurement, management and control. The Electrex solutions are used in the energy efficiency and Energy Automation applications, for the industrial, commercial, public, civil, and renewable energy sectors allowing a rapid return on investment. Electrex, one of the first companies to operate in these sectors, has acquired over the years a considerable experience and competence that few other companies can claim to have. With over 40% of the staff dedicated to R & D, we demonstrate our strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in order to anticipate the needs of our customers. We follow our products from design to after sale service and support, being a flexible and dynamic company. That is why Electrex continues to be chosen more and more from both local and international partners. The Electrex products are entirely designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.