The costs of poor Power Quality
Electrex's solutions for Power Quality Surveys

Power-quality problems have increased over the last decades due to the introduction of more sensitive loads as well as more equipment that cause power-quality problems. Both phenomena are closely linked to the massive introduction of power electronics in the grid, not only at the load side, but increasingly at the generator side.

The most common types of power-quality phenomena are abnormalities of voltage, which are delineated in the following list:

  • Harmonic distortion
  • Voltage asymmetry
  • Transients
  • Voltage dips
  • Voltage swells
  • Frequency variations
  • Flicker

In the following chart, taken from LEONARDO ENERGY - Leonardo Power Quality Initiative report, you may see (in %) the influence of some of these phenomena related to the production process stops. As you see the process interruptions are caused mainly from voltage dips. They may cause even more damage than complete electricity outages, since having a higher frequency of occurrence.

As suggested also by LEONARDO ENERGY, Electrex provides a full solution to the first steps in analyzing the economic impact of PQ on a particular organization:

  • Obtaining thorough and continuing measurements of relevant PQ parameters. In fact Electrex's X3M H and Flash H families of Energy Data Managers and Energy Analyzers are a state of the art technology in measuring energy consumption and quality.
  • Logging of process failures and their costs and relating their occurrence to PQ events. Indeed our microprocessor based Energy Data Manager and Energy Analyzers detect and memorize several events, including date and / time of each event, useful for monitoring the quality of energy (EN 50160): voltage sags and dips/swells, current swells and flow direction, etc.. Such events can be previously configured and displayed from the user through our powerful software Energy Brain.
  • Assessing the likely failure modes and failure rates of processes and items of equipment, bearing in mind the different time scales involved.
  • Considering options for redesigning processes to reduce interdependence and reduce the risk of cascading failures. Electrex's thorough monitoring solution, including the energy analyzers, network interfaces, software and web applications, provides in depth specific data, generates automatic reports and trends from which similar decisions can be taken.
  • Investigating options for hardening process equipment against PQ events and conditions.

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