Saving energy, reducing waste:

is a social duty - less pollution

is a structural requirement - demand is greater than availability

is an economic and competitive advantage - optimization of production cycles

The statistics say that you can save from 10% to 30% of the energy bill by using a system of energy monitoring and management and considering the energy consumption (electricity, water, gas,etc.) as a raw material and not a voice of overheads.


Energy monitoring and management made easy!

The FEMTO D4 70A RS485 230-240V ENERGY ANALYZER is a flexible and very accurate measuring solution especially for renewable systems, residential and commercial buildings.

It uses a custom designed, 70A external current transformer, grain oriented, with output in mV.

Suitable for applications in every type of system: three phase 3 and 4 wires, symetric or asymetric, balanced or unbalanced, two phase or monophase sytems, MV and LV, with 1,2 or 3 CT. Measures on 2 or 4 quadrants (import / export).

Over 60 readings. RMS measurement to 31st harmonic. Dot matrix LCD display with backlight. Built-in RS485 serial port, Modbus protocol.

Check more features and download the related specs here!

The Femto D4 70A is available also in the following versions:

  • Femto 3I 70A: suitable for measuring up to 3 mono phases (6 kW max. each).
  • Femto 1DI 2DO: equipped with 1 digital input used usually for counting impulses gerated from external systems / meters as for example from the gas meters, water meters, unit counters, etc. If configured properly can function also as an external state indicator (e.g. ON/OFF machine state, switchers, etc.
    While the 2 digital outputs, configured by default for providing impulses proportionally with the Active and Reactive Energy measured, can be also used for managing external alarms or commanded remotely via serial port and Modbus commands.
  • Femto D4 1DI 2DO SELF-POWERED: builts an already self-powwered input.

Energy monitoring and management system

Start your monitoring project just connecting the Femto D4 70A with our network gateway / data logger / web server Yocto net and using our Energy Brain software.

In fact the Yocto net will serve as an interface between the Ethernet network and the meter (or meters in case more than a single analyzer is used) but at the same time, can host HTML web pages displaying real time measurements from the meter, manage alarms and display historical data on charts accessible on-line.

While installing in your PC our Energy Brain software you can download the logged data and organize it in reports or charts.

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