Coordinator node of the E-Wi wireless network equipped with external antenna connector (PFC3530 or
PFC3533, not included). Transcieves the data via radio waves at 250kbs and on 2.4GHz frequency rate. Network bridge between the Ethernet network and the RS485 line for communication and data-logging of Electrex devices. FSTN graphic display. Astronomical and perpetual clock/calendar, battery powered and non-volatile, industrial type memory. Remote firmware update. Already activated one Log 8 logging service (log of self internal inputs and other 7 Electrex instruments connected in a sub-network, power / energy and relative digital inputs). Built-in WEB Server including Upgrade Web option: standard web pages for real-time measures displaying. FTP server. ExpBus for external devices (inputs / outputs, environmental sensors). NFC equipped. DIN rail mount 6 modules. Power supply 85÷265Vac/100÷374Vdc.