Cod. PFNY6-00509-110

Network bridge between the Ethernet network (Modbus TCP/IP protocol) and the RS485 line (Modbus RTU protocol) for communication and data-logging of Electrex devices. Modbus-TCP Server (max. 4 simultaneous connections). Astronomical and perpetual clock/calendar, battery powered and non-volatile, industrial type memory. Remote firmware update. Built-in WEB Server including Upgrade Web  option: standard web pages for real-time measures displaying. Already activated one Log 8 logging service (log of 8 Electrex instruments/Modbus registers, power / energy and digital inputs). Other functions can be activated via firmware upgrade (PUK entry). FTP Server. 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. ExpBus, high speed communication, port for external devices (inputs and outputs modules, and environmental sensors). Equipped with NFC technology. DIN rail mount 6 modules. Wide range power supply 85÷265V/100÷374VDC.

On this version of Yocto net it is possible to implement the following functions ordering a PUK code to be inserted via the internal configuration web page for the activation:

Net upgrade Log 8 (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-01
Enables 1 logging service (e.g. log of 8 instruments/Modbus registers, power / energy and digital inputs). It is possible to activate up to 8 Upgrade Log 8 options.

Net upgrade Log 16 (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-02
Doubles the capacity of the storage services from Log 8 to Log 16. All the 8 Net upgrade Log 8 (PUK) code PFSU940-01 must have been installed previously.

Net upgrade Open Log (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-25
Allows to modify the sampling frequency and the choice of parameters to be logged for an existing Log 8 service for e.g. when performing a measurement campaigns. The Log 8 services to be modified must already be active and if, for example, it is needed to modify two Log 8 services, it is necessary to activate two PUK Open Log.

Net upgrade WEB Open (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-10
Adds to the Yocto net D6 Web the ability to upload and display custom Web pages.

Net upgrade Charts (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-30
Allows to display on a web page daily charts of electricity, temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc. obtained from the files stored in the Yocto net D6 Web with the possibility to export to CSV files.

Net upgrade Energy Automation (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-16
Adds to the Yocto net D6 Web the ability to manage Energy Automation tasks using the Ladder programming language for implementing ON/OFF switches, alarm and notifications and automations related to events and/or calendars (the Calendars option must be active) and/or the sending of e-mail/sms (E-Mail / SMS option must be active).

Net upgrade Calendars (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-20
Allows to create calendars to be used for the time tariffs  and / or in combination with the Energy Automation option (if activate).

Net upgrade E-Mail / SMS (PUK) Cod. PFSU940-15
It adds to the Yocto net D6 Web the function of sending notification / alarm emails (and/or SMS by adding a specific modem/router). It can also be used in combination with the Energy Automation option (if active).