Cod. PFSW430-00

Energy Brain option that allows the automatic sending of e-mails with three types of reports.

Reports related to “download failures”: this feature is useful to all those who for various reasons are unable to regularly observe the downloaded data. The e-mail sent automatically after each data download by Energy Brain contains the list of selected devices with the last download was successful. Any error is indicated in red with a reference date of the last valid data and the number of missing records. Example: An error is generated when a tool is switched off or not available.

Report with surpass of thresholds set by the user (MD, E): This feature is especially useful to those who have to manage many measuring points and want to be notified in case of anomaly of consumption / production of one or more of these points. The e-mail daily / monthly is sent automatically only when the data in the database of Energy Brain, the (MD) peak and / or the consumption / production surpass or are below the threshold values. It is possible to configure thresholds for the total value and / or for each tariff.

Report with the energy consumed / produced: this feature is especially useful to those who wish to receive e-mails as a summary of the energy consumed / produced daily / monthly. After downloading data from the Energy Brain software it is sent an e-mail with the data on the energy consumed / produced related to the previous day / month.