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A fully digitalised and interconnected factory 4.0

The inauguration of the new industrial site of Ceramiche Mariner Spa took place on 16 March 2019. It is one of the most interesting new industrial projects to have emerged in the Italian ceramic district in recent years.

The plant is a fully digitalised and interconnected factory 4.0 and focused on energy and process efficiency.

All departments are interconnected and share production data,  generating information on raw materials and energy consumption, production costs, progress of individual batches and warehouse stock levels.

Right from the design stage Mariner opted for the most innovative technologies in terms of environmental sustainability and energy saving, as well as the inter-connectivity of the entire production process.

The plant has been designed to be self-sufficient in terms of energy.  A high-efficiency gas turbine cogeneration system produces 4.5 MW of energy. While the existing 1 MW photovoltaic system, allows us to be entirely satisfy the energy demand.

In a project so focused on energy and process efficiency, a system for monitoring electricity with important features could not be missing.

Kilo 96

The Electrex solution adopted includes over 50 high – range energy analyzers including the new Energy Analyzer & Web Data Manager Kilo Net D6 PQ Web equipped with Harmonic and Power Quality Analysis (with interactive graphic representation of events).

Kilo Net PQ

The measurements detected by the energy analyzers, in addition to being integrated into the information system, are collected by the Energy Brain Pro software which allows to acquire, from Electrex instruments (equipped with an integrated data logger), all the measured quantities without interruption.

Energy Brain Pro also allows both the configuration of the devices, through intuitive interfaces, and the real-time display of the measurements including graphical representation of the vectors and harmonics.


The interconnection of Electrex systems is guaranteed by the use of standard protocols (Modbus overTCP/IP) and the availability of WEB APIs (WEB Application Programming Interface).

Both protocols permit to effectively and quickly access the Energy Brain Pro data archive and / or the data logged on the  Electrex devices.

Through HTTP commands in JSON format it is possible to request from the system historical values ​​(e.g. energy purchased for a specific day grouped by quarters of an hour; temperature, humidity and luminosity  grouped by hour) or instantaneous data (e.g. instant power, temperature, energy counters, etc.).

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    Since 1993 Electrex designs, develops, manufactures and markets, Made in Italy, instruments and software for energy  management and control.

    The Electrex solutions are used in the Energy Efficiency and Energy Automation applications, for the industrial, commercial, public, civil, and renewable energy sectors allowing a rapid return on investment.

    The solutions provided up to now allow the management of over 400,000 measuring points and more than 700,000 points are controlled via Energy Automation applications.

    Electrex, one of the first companies to operate in these sectors, has acquired over the years a considerable experience and competence that few other companies can claim to have. With over 40% of the staff dedicated to R & D, we demonstrate our strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in order to anticipate the needs of our customers.