What is energy monitoring and targeting (M&T)

Energy monitoring and targeting (M & T) is an energy efficiency technique based on the standard management axiom stating that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. "M&T: Techniques to help organizationscontrol and manage their energy use" M&T techniques provide Energy Managers with feedback on operating practices, results of energy [...]

Monitoring Networks Examples

The Electrex Monitoring networks are the ideal solution for energy audits, continuous monitoring (e.g. ISO 50001) and for energy efficiency projects (e.g. EU-Directive 2012-27 and White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates). The Electrex systems are modular and can expand over time thanks to the many possibilities of connecting the devices [...]

Where to use the Electrex products and solutions

Where to use the Electrex products and solutions ENERGY EFFICIENCY The Electrex monitoring and management solutions are used in the Energy Efficiency and Energy Automation applications, in the industrial, commercial, residential, public buildings and renewable energy systems (PV, Wind, Batteries, etc.) and allow a [...]

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