Kilo 96

Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Wi-Fi Web Data Manager with Wi-Fi communication via external antenna cod. PFC3530 (included). Power quality analysis (EN 50160 and EN 61000-4-30). Accuracy class 0.5S and single harmonics up to the 51st order. To be used exclusively with FCTS series flexible split-core CTs (not included). Network bridge between the RJ45 and / or Wi-Fi ports and RS485 port for Modbus communication with Electrex instruments in the subnet. Including the following upgrades: n. 2 PFSU940-01 Log 8, n. 1 PFSU940-25 Open Log, PFSU940-05 Web. Perennial, battery-powered astronomical clock / calendar and non-volatile memory. Remote firmware update. Graphic LCD display. 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs with separate common. 1 calibration LED. ExpBus for external devices (inputs and outputs, environmental sensors). NFC equipped. Size 96×96. Power supply 85 ÷ 265Vac. Complies with EN 50470-1 + EN 50470-3.

NOTE: Kilo series devices may also be required in other hardware configurations. To build the code with the different versions, refer to the “Code creation table” or to the product datasheet listed here below.

The current transformers compliant with this version of the Kilo series are available in the sections:

  • FCTS series flexible split current transformers