Femto D4 B MID

Energy counter / analyzer for three-phase, low voltage measurements on 3-phase and 4-wire three-phase systems complying with the MID annex MI-003 directive and EN 50470-1 + EN 50470-3 standards. Accuracy: class 1 according to EN 62053-21, class B according to EN 50470-3. Calibrated on the 3 external ECT CTs of 100A cod. PFAE000-01 connected to the instrument. Measurement of the THD on voltage and current, of the neutral current, maximum and minimum voltage, maximum current and power and of the active energy of each phase. Four operating time counters. 1 calibration LED. RS485 interface. Size: 4 DIN rail modules. Power supply 85-440Vac phase-phase.