PFAB401-N2P RS485 MODULE D4 230-240V 4DI 4DO

RS485 MODULE D4 230-240V 4DI 4DO

Cod. PFAB401-N2P

4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs module suitable for an RS485 Electrex network. Requires a Gateway / Datalogger (e.g. Kilo net, Exa net, Femto ECT net or Yocto net) for data synchronisation and profile recording. DIN rail mount 4 modules. Power supply 230-240Vac.

The products of the RS485 Module family can be requested also in other hardware configurations (various types of power supply, inputs / outputs also for the connection of environmental sensors Deca Sensor Bus Unit Box). The RS485 Module D2 can contain up to 2 internal modules (only one can be self-powered type, so only one 1DI 2DO Self-Powered or 2AO4-20mA or 2DI 1RO Self Powered).

The RS485 Module D4 can contain up to 2 internal modules, both can be also self-powered type.