The Events Configuration window allows to configure the programming values of the events service.
Programming is done by overwriting the numerical values ​​on the right side of the window.
Warning: to make the actual value change is necessary to confirm by pressing “Enter”

Note that the current is expressed in hundredths of Ampere so if as peak threshold is chosen 25 Ampere you must enter 2500.

Three types of events are revealed:

voltage peak

voltage dip

current peak

For each of the three events you can set the threshold on which to log the event (threshold of voltage sag or under-voltage).

These thresholds for voltage events are always refer to absolute values ​​phase-neutral even in cases where the instrument is installed on networks 3PH3W (phase-to-neutral value is calculated with the formula: phase-phase voltage divided by square root of 3), you can also set a hysteresis for determining when to consider the event over (threshold back from voltage sag or under-voltage).