Kilo 96

Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Data Manager. Power quality analysis (EN 50160 and EN 61000-4-30). Accuracy class 0.5S and single harmonics up to the 51st order. To be used exclusively with FCTS series flexible split-core CTs (not included). Network bridge between the RJ45 and RS485 ports for modbus communication with Electrex instruments in the subnet. Including the following upgrades: n. 2 PFSU940-01 Log 8, n. 1 PFSU940-25 Open Log, PFSU940-05 Web, PFSU940-30 Charts. Perennial, battery-powered astronomical clock / calendar and non-volatile memory. Remote firmware update. Graphic LCD display. 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs with separate common. 1 calibration LED. ExpBus for external devices (inputs and outputs, environmental sensors). NFC equipped. Size 96×96. Power supply 85 ÷ 265Vac. Complies with EN 50470-1 + EN 50470-3.