Single / three-phase (or up to 3 single-phase loads) transducer / energy analyzer. Measurement of the THD of voltage and current, neutral current, maximum and minimum voltage, maximum power and current, active energy of each phase. Phases sequence on Modbus register. Four operating time counters of the monitored load. 1 calibration LED. RS485 interface. 2 analogue outputs 4-20mA or 0-20mA. Galvanically isolated, active, self-powered (for loads up to 250 Ohm; for higher and up to 750 Ohm external 12Vdc power is required). The refresh of the output signal is done at max. every 200 mS. Each of the two outputs can be combined with any of the measured parameters. Firmware update remotely. Size: 4 DIN rail modules. Power supply 230-240Vac. Complies with: EN 50470-1 + EN 50470-3.