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Display and control instantaneous measurements, historical data, KPI, baseline, imported data. New widgets and custom mimic diagrams, alarms and alerts, multi-dashboard.

Electrex is pleased to introduce the 2.0 version of Energy Brain Cloud. The browser-based software package that allows the users of the Electrex systems to manage and display on the Cloud the data retrieved from the measurement instruments. The responsive, adaptive design allows a seamless usability on any device, desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Energy management system (EnMS) in a cement production plant

Cement production requires many energy-intensive industrial applications.  Establishing an energy management system (EnMS) can help cement plant management better understand how energy is consumed in the facility and how energy efficiency solutions can be devised and implemented effectively.


GIGA PQ BOX NET WEB: All-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit

Electrex has the pleasure of introducing an all-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit. There are many local businesses that provide energy savings solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. However, the lack of appropriate monitoring and data logging devices needed for pre and post auditing is a common problem. Devices that do exist are either insufficient in features or over priced for their respective sector.

Electrex - Vote us for the Automation Inside Awards 2015 Vote us for the Automation Inside Awards 2015

We are proud to announce that our company is nominated for the Automation Companies, Products and Solutions for the Automation Inside Readers' Choice Awards 2015.

Electrex -The importance of managing  Power Quality  and reduce the financial losses caused by disturbancesThe importance of managing  Power Quality  and reduce the financial losses caused by disturbances

Reliability and consistency of electricity supply is one of the most important conditions for the activities of industrial and service companies. Problems originating from poor Power Quality include interruptions, dips or harmonic pollution. Usually the loads connected to a network with such problems will fail, have a short lifetime and the efficiency of the system will decrease.


Electrex's solutions regarding Article 8 (Energy Audits and Energy Management Systems) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

Article 8 imposes two main obligations upon Member States: to promote the availability of energy audits among final customers in all sectors and to ensure that enterprises that are not SMEs carry out energy audits at least every four years. Audits must be cost-effective and undertaken by qualified/accredited experts or supervised by independent authorities.

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