Single / three-phase energy transducer / analyzer with system for measuring and monitoring the current unbalance / residual current (for up to 3 single-phase loads). Requires external Electrex ECT type CTs (not included in the package) for example cod. PFAE000-01 or PFAE000-02. Programmable threshold from 0.03A to 5A. Measurement of the THD of voltage and current, neutral current, maximum and minimum voltage, maximum power and current, active energy of each phase. Phases sequence on Modbus register. Four operating time counters of the monitored load. 1 calibration LED. RS485 interface. 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs with separate common. Remotely upgradeable firmware. Size: 4 DIN rail modules. Power supply 230-240Vac. Complies with: EN 50470-1 + EN 50470-3.