Kilo Net D6
The management of energy efficiency and power quality
in the big / medium-sized buildings of private or public companies

The Kilo net D6 Q is a Power Quality Energy Analyzer and Wi-Fi Web Data Manager including power quality analysis. It is the optimal solution for:

  • continuous monitoring (e.g. ISO 50001);
  • energy efficiency projects (e.g. 2012-27-EU-Directive and the Energy Efficiency Certificates);
  • power quality analysis (harmonics campaign, peaks, dips, interruptions, etc.)

in the big / medium-sized buildings of private or public companies.

The Kilo net D6 Q is characterized by an open platform, high performance, reliability and various connectivity possibilities (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485, E-Wi, NFC, etc.).

In the example here below it is reported the monitoring and management system of a production plant. The plant is powered, in medium voltage, using three MV / LV transformers that serve three production lines and a photovoltaic system placed on the roof. The monitoring network is constituted by:

  • branch 1, 2 and 3 for measuring the production lines,
  • branch 4 is responsible for the photovoltaic system
  • branch 5 for the offices building

In branch one, the Kilo net Wi-Fi, connected to the Ethernet network via Wi-Fi, in addition to providing the quantitative and qualitative measures for Trafo 1, acts also as a gateway (Modbus TCP interface, data logger and WEB server) for:

  • the X3M H 96 which detects the consumption and the alarms state of an energy-intensive machinery, powers ON/ OFF a blinking light in case a threshold is exceeded and via the the Kilo net sends an email to the contact person
  • various Exa TR which measure the energy consumption of production line 1 machines
  • the Yocto I-O logging the water, gas and compressed air counters
  • the RS485 Module retrieving measures from process and level sensors

on the expansion bus (ExpBus) are connected:

  • an ExpBus Module detecting other alarm status and environmental parameters
  • a Power Line Module for communicating via the electrical grid with other Electrex devices not reachable in other ways

In branch two the Kilo F net D6 using the Flexible Split Current Transformers (ideal for wirings in restricted spaces), in addition to providing the quantitative and qualitative measures for Trafo 2, acts also as a gateway for:

  • various Exa D6 which measure the energy consumption of production line 2 machines
  • the Exa D6 MID with the Split Core CT  used for used to monitor the energy used in a galvanic process for tax deduction purposes

In branch three, in the sub-network headed from the Yocto net Log, are inserted:

  • an X3M D6 H for the quantitative and qualitative measures for Trafo 3
  • various Flash D6 which measure the energy consumption of production line 3 machines

In branch 4 the Exa Net D6, in addition to measuring the production of the photovoltaic system and sending email alerts to the contact person in case of malfunction, acts as a gateway for the Atto D4 DC that control the production of strings.

In branch 5 an Yocto net coordinator E-Wi manages a wireless Femto D4 E-Wi which monitors the energy consumption of the offices and two Deca Sensor E-Wi monitoring the internal and external environmental parameters (temperature, relative humidity and luminosity).

While on the Yocto net master are active the functions of:

  • alarms and notifications, managed by the reception via custom Web pages, via email and SMS sent to various managers and maintainers
  • astronomical calendar/clock management for switching ON/OFF certain loads (lighting and accessory loads to the production process)

The Energy Brain software collects and automatically records the measurements of the energy carriers, of environmental and process parameters from the various gateways, instruments and sensors in order to support the persons in charge for the Energy Management System (Energy Manager / EGE) in order to keep under control parameters relating to the Indices of Energy Performance (ENPI or KPI) and allow benchmarking activities.

The web pages and the notifications / alarms are used to support engineers / maintainers.

While the Energy Brain Cloud is used by managers / directors of various sectors that can display on their tablet, smartphone and PC, after authenticating with ID and password, a customizable dashboard with information on the specific interests.