Permanently installed vs Temporary Power Quality monitoring systems

Power quality is a growing concern Power quality is already one of the main concerns for electrical systems and PQ analyzers should be included by default in your panels / auditing services.  From one side, we have today a higher equipment sensitivity and from the other side the same [...]

The measurement of energy in DC Systems

Many applications now see benefits in switching to using DC power Since it is easier to use, for more than a hundred years Alternate Current (AC) has been the default option for any energy distribution system. In recent years instead, what companies and building owners are discovering is that  [...]

Energy bills are set to rise up to 40% in the next quarter of 2021. Energy efficiency can enable lower energy prices and costs.

Over the past year, the price of electricity has risen considerably, especially in Europe. According to analysts and economists, in the next quarter, a further increase in energy costs is estimated, which in the EU area can reach up to 40%. Some examples In Germany, the wholesale price of electricity [...]

Electrex selected as an industrial partner of the Energynius project

A NEW PARADIGM FOR URBAN ENERGY SYSTEMS Energy systems are experiencing a transition towards new design and management models, the so-called "Smart Energy Systems", in which energy networks (heat, electricity, gas, transport, etc.) will be integrated with each other in order to maximize the possible synergies. The main objective [...]

The digital platform Electrex IoE ( Internet of Energy )

IoE - Internet of Energy In the next few years, the world consumption of electricity is expected to increase significantly. To cope with this growth, the demand for intelligent energy systems is more widespread than ever. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to move towards the use [...]

AirQ Sani O3: desinfecte los ambientes de forma sostenible utilizando ozono

Las Soluciones Electrex Sani permiten la higienización de ambientes y superficies usando Ozono y también el monitoreo de parámetros ambientales. El mismo dispositivo es capaz de crear alertas / alarmas (E-mail, Telegram) e interconectarse con sistemas de saneamiento y sistemas HVAC (API, MQTT) optimizando el consumo energético. AirQ SANI [...]

AirQPro: sistema integrado para monitorear y administrar la calidad del aire interior

Las soluciones de detección de Electrex le permiten monitorear parámetros ambientales clave con la capacidad de crear alertas / alarmas (correo electrónico, telegrama), interconectar (API, MQTT) con sistemas de saneamiento y sistemas HVAC, optimizando el consumo de energía. AirQPro - Sistema integrado para monitorear y administrar la Calidad del [...]

AirQ Sani O3 – sanitize environments in a sustainable way using ozone

The Electrex Sani Solutions allow the sanitization of environments and surfaces using Ozone and also the monitoring of environmental parameters.  The same device is able to create alerts / alarms (E-mail, Telegram) and interconnect with sanitation systems and HVAC systems (API, MQTT) optimizing energy consumption. AirQ SANI O3 - [...]

AirQPro – Integrated system for monitoring and managing Indoor Air Quality

The Electrex Sensing Solutions allow you to monitor key environmental parameters with the ability to create alerts / alarms (E-mail, Telegram), interconnect (API, MQTT) with sanitation systems and HVAC systems, optimizing energy consumption. AirQPro - Integrated system for monitoring and managing Indoor Air Quality AirQPro integrates in an elegant [...]

Mantenimiento después de la emergencia COVID-19

El impacto de COVID-19 Los sectores industrial, comercial y de servicios se basan en procesos que deben ser monitoreados constantemente para asegurar que sus actividades estén siempre en marcha, sean confiables y eficientes. Hace tan solo unos meses estas actividades eran realizadas en parte de forma automática y en [...]

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