Electrex-Maximizing the energy efficiency of a compressed air system

Delivering compressed air to a manufacturing facility is an expensive operation. Delivery requires costly equipment that consumes significant amounts of electricity and requires frequent maintenance.

The energy consumption represents between 60 and 90% of the total cost related to compressed air and is far more dominant than the investment and maintenance cost.


The Electrex solution

Maximizing the energy efficiency of a compressed air system is not a one-time action. Continuous monitoring of key parts, and adjusting them when necessary, is indispensable.

It is therefore necessary to collect and correlate information from the field where heterogeneous devices and sensors are often already present.Electrex-Libra-Panel

In addition to the Power Quality analysis and energy monitoring the Electrex solution integrates various process and environmental parameters through devices with digital inputs, analog inputs 4-20mA (0-10V), inputs for PT100, PT500, PT1000 and NTC.

In the Compressor Rooms it is thus possible to acquire data from measurement transducers such as flow, pressure and temperature (including Dew Point).

A permanent solution will let you proactively control leaks. While monitoring the dew point, power consumption and pressure loss allows to prevent a downtime in the system.

Through the various calculation functions (both in real time and on historical series) it is possible to correlate flow rate, operating pressure and temperature to obtain the normalized flow rate (Qn).

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Skender Musaj
Skender MusajExport Manager

    The correlation between energy consumption and the compressed air produced allows to obtain the KPIs that represent the efficiency of the system.

    The Electrex software suite offers the possibility to:

    • allocate compressed air costs to individual departments
    • share automatically reports on cost evaluation and savings
    • compare different plants around the world on efficiency and costs

    Performance indicators allow optimal plant management and effective planning of future improvement actions.

    For example, the following features:

    • Operating time monitoring
    • Real-time alarms: Pressure (Bar), Dew-Point (%), Temperature (°C), etc…
    • Automatic reporting on deviations

    allow to support Predictive, Preventive and Run-to-Failure maintenance.

    Electrex-Maximizing the energy efficiency of a compressed air system
    The Electrex solutions allow the optimal management of the compressed air systems both through the reduction of energy consumption and the maintenance of the perfect state of efficiency of the systems.Electrex-Libra-Compressed-Air

    With a single solution it is possible to:

    • monitor energy, process and environmental parameters
    • analyse and report
    • remotely control

    Libra Automation Panel series

    The panels of the Libra series represent a “Plug & Play” solution with built-in advanced technology for the monitoring and management of energy,  other energy vectors (such as electricity, water, compressed air, natural gas, steam, etc.) process and environmental parameters.

    The Libra panels communicate via Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi (or via an built-in 4G router) and can be the starting point for more structured monitoring systems adding other Electrex instruments or integrating third party devices.

    The Libra  are Power Quality Analyzers can monitor single harmonics up to the 51° order and are equipped with builtin clock/memory for synchronous logging of the energy and other integrated parameters. They include a built-in WEB server for the display of real-time measures, charts and graphs with historical data, built-in energy automation editor for designing applications for simple or complex tasks (such as ON/OFF switching, alarms/notifications and automated conditioned from events), etc. Features can be added remotely via a PUK code on their embedded web pages.

    The Libra panels are equipped with inputs for Electrex environmental sensors (temp., humidity, luminosity, pressure, CO2, etc.), digital and analog inputs and outputs. The combinations of the various ports can be be easily customized following a modular system.

    The Libra net are equipped also with an DC-UPS in order to assure the continuity of the power supply for the panel that is critical for applications with automated tasks and/or alarms triggering other devices.

    Contact me to schedule a call! I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

    Skender Musaj
    Skender MusajExport Manager

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      Since 1993 Electrex designs, develops, manufactures and markets, Made in Italy, instruments and software for energy  management and control.

      The Electrex solutions are used in the Energy Efficiency and Energy Automation applications, for the industrial, commercial, public, civil, and renewable energy sectors allowing a rapid return on investment.

      The solutions provided up to now allow the management of over 425,000 measuring points and more than 750,000 points are controlled via Energy Automation applications.

      Electrex, one of the first companies to operate in these sectors, has acquired over the years a considerable experience and competence that few other companies can claim to have. With over 40% of the staff dedicated to R & D, we demonstrate our strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in order to anticipate the needs of our customers.

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